Texas Tech University

New Podcast 'Revise and Resubmit' Discusses Challenges of Academic Writing

Cameron Brown

August 6, 2019

The series will host writers across the social sciences, sharing tools and advice.

The Texas Tech University Department of Community, Family, & Addiction Sciences and the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy program have officially launched "Revise and Resubmit," a brief, 10-minute podcast focusing on academic writing. The podcast provides a space to discuss academic writing openly with a variety of writers across the social sciences to help ease the stress and anxiety that are common to this type of writing, as well as provide additional tools and advice for academic writing improvements.

Cameron Brown, assistant professor in the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy program and podcast host, says academic writers who are actively striving to have their research published in peer-review journals will benefit greatly from the discussions on "Revise and Resubmit."

"Whether you are a seasoned writer who has published in dozens of journals or a student just starting out, we believe there always is space to learn and grow in our writing," he said.


During his doctoral training, Brown experienced a lot of stress and anxiety surrounding the academic writing process.

"Although I had great training and support systems, it was still a struggle for me," Brown said. "I continue to see this today in many graduate students and young writers."

Graduate students Benjamin Finlayson and Doug McPhee lead much of the behind-the-scenes work with the support of Brown and the Department of Community, Family, & Addiction Sciences. The series kicked off with assistant professor Jaclyn Cravens in Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy. New interviews with a variety of academic writers will be released each month. Interested academics are welcome to inquire about participating in upcoming episodes.

"'Revise and resubmit' is a common phrase among those actively pursuing publication in peer-review journals," Brown said. "A 'revise and resubmit' is a dialogue about how a piece of work could be improved and strengthened. That is very much this podcast: a critical and engaging dialogue about academic writing with the intent to improve our work."

Listeners can find the promo episode and interviews on its webpage or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or other podcast apps. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram @revisepodcast.