Texas Tech University

Best Credit Cards for Students


May 27, 2019

WALLETHUB- The best credit cards for students can help you build credit and save big time. They offer generous rewards, 0% intro rates and low fees. And they aren’t too hard to get. You can have absolutely no credit history and still be approved for the very best credit card for students. You just need an active college or university email address and enough income or assets for the monthly minimum payments (usually around $15 for students).

"To spend money you don't have. A credit card is almost necessary to function in our world today, but using them to fund spring break trips or shopping sprees can really set students back in more ways than one might think. As Associate Dean for Students I often see students who have put themselves in a major financial bind with the combination of student loans and credit card debt they lose focus on school and fail to be successful. Financial difficulties can impact one's ability to succeed and even their personal relationships" said Mitzi Lauderdale.

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