Texas Tech University

Professors Available to Discuss Historical Significance of Notre Dame Cathedral

David Gay

April 15, 2019

The cathedral is currently burning in Paris, France

Today (April 15), the Notre Dame Cathedral, a medieval catholic cathedral in Paris, France dating back to the 12th century, is currently on fire. The cathedral is a major tourist attraction in Paris and an architectural, artistic and cultural landmark.

Multiple Texas Tech University experts from a range of disciplines are available to discuss the significance of the cathedral.

John Howe, professor of medieval studies, Department of History, (806) 834-7544 or john.howe@ttu.edu

  • Howe can speak on the significance of the church in medieval history.

Erin Marie Legacey, assistant professor of Modern Europe and France, Department of History, erin-marie.legacey@ttu.edu

  • Legacey can speak on the significance of the church on France and Europe.

Joan Goodman-Williamson, executive director for International Relations, Office of International Affairs, (806) 742-3667

  • Goodman-Williamson can speak on how the church has affected international art and culture.

Lucas Wood, assistant professor of French, Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures, (806) 834-3237 or lucas.wood@ttu.edu

  • Wood can speak on how the cathedral affects France and its culture.