Texas Tech University

National Distance Learning Week Student Spotlight: Gina Covington

Amanda Bowman and Timothy Howard

November 5, 2018

Covington is working on her master’s degree more than 30 years after earning her bachelor’s.


In honor of the United States Distance Learning Association's National Distance Learning Week (Nov. 5-9), Texas Tech University is highlighting students who are pursuing their higher-education degrees through its eLearning & Academic Partnerships online and distance programs.

Gina Covington is currently completing coursework in the online Master of Education in Instructional Technology (EDIT) program through the College of Education while also working toward an eLearning and Online Teaching graduate certificate. She expects to graduate in May 2019.

Covington received her bachelor's degree from the University of Texas in 1985. After feeling the call to grow her career, she decided to pursue her master's degree online at Texas Tech.

Covington said she chose Texas Tech because after doing research, she found that the admission process was reviewed by a committee to ensure a quality learning community and liked that Texas Tech had a rigorous, but rewarding, program.

“I feel like I'm getting an excellent education and will be well-prepared to continue to grow my career as a result,” she said.

Covington appreciates the flexibility the online program provides since she lives on the Gulf Coast, which makes it impossible for her to attend classes in Lubbock.

“I have the ability to learn in any place and at my own pace and time,” she said.

She also works full time as an instructional technology specialist and has been able to apply what she is learning in the EDIT program to her job.

Covington's story is a wonderful example of the ways online programs from Texas Tech can give students the freedom to achieve success. #TTUFromAnywhere