Texas Tech University

National Distance Learning Week Student Spotlight: Amy Lawler

Amanda Bowman and Timothy Howard

November 9, 2018

Lawler is working on her master’s degree while juggling two kids and a full-time job.

Amy Lawler

In honor of the United States Distance Learning Association's National Distance Learning Week (Nov. 5-9), Texas Tech University is highlighting students who are pursuing their higher-education degrees through its eLearning & Academic Partnerships online and distance programs.

Amy Lawler is currently completing coursework in the online Master of Education in Instructional Technology (EDIT) program through the College of Education and is on track to graduate in December 2019.

Though she has wanted to earn a graduate degree, there were some hurdles that had created some challenges. Online courses at Texas Tech give Lawler the freedom she needs to achieve her goal.

Lawler is working full time while caring for her two children alongside her husband. Earning her master's degree online gives her the flexibility she needs to be a working mom and allows her to take classes at her own pace.

It has been almost 20 years since Amy earned her bachelor's degree. Online programs at Texas Tech have given Lawler the chance to gain credibility for herself as a leader in the field of curriculum development.

“Getting used to the new virtual ways of taking classes, such as accessing the library online and communicating with classmates and instructors, has been a process,” Lawler said. “The biggest obstacle for me has been figuring out how to have social needs met that an on-campus class typically meets through live interaction with other students. Once I began to reach out on social media to other classmates, I got affirmation that I was not alone. Being able to socialize online with classmates is just as important as socializing in an on-campus class, if not more so.”

Lawler's story is a wonderful example of the ways online programs from Texas Tech can give students the freedom to achieve success. #TTUFromAnywhere