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University Staff Members Recognized for Excellence

Randy Rosetta

November 7, 2018

The 2018 Distinguished Staff Awards honored a wide range of employees.

Every major operation, particularly a large and growing university, thrives because of the people who work to make sure things run smoothly. On Tuesday, a group of those people at Texas Tech University were recognized and honored at the 2018 Distinguished Staff Awards ceremony.

Staff and employees from every corner of campus were honored, and a common theme was how they have contributed to make Texas Tech great.

Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanec applied a recent discussion he had with the parents of a new Texas Tech student to how and why the staff at the university is so important to the university's mission.

“The mantra that best describes Texas Tech is ‘What can I do for you?'” Schovanec said. “There is an exceptional culture here that you don't find anywhere else. That's a reflection of our staff and what they are willing to do to make Texas Tech a great place.”

Grace Hernandez, Schovanec's Chief of Staff and associate vice president of administration, echoed that sentiment.

“The staff is the foundation of this university, and we thank you so much,” she said.

Besides the honorees, there was also reason to thank those who nominated their employees and co-workers.

Daniel Ballard, senior producer at Texas Tech Public Media, spoke on behalf of the Staff Senate and noted the importance of recognizing fellow employees.

“Any time we can promote the excellence of our fellow Red Raiders, we should,” said Ballard, an executive board member of the Staff Senate.

2018 Texas Tech University Distinguished Staff Awards

Brendan Allison
Brendan Allison

Matador Award winners

Masked Rider Award

Guns Up Award (Team)


  • Jean Bertonazzi; scientific glass blower
  • Scott Hiemstra; program manager
  • Vincent Wilde; senior project engineer
Animal Care Services
Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services

  • Brittany Backus; senior research associate
  • Tiffanie Brooks; veterinarian
  • Michael Chandler; lab animal technician
  • Karin Fritz; coordinator
  • Mark Thurman; lab animal technician
  • Paul Stonum; clinical veterinarian
  • Veronica Vasquez; animal health technician
  • Sydnee Woodman; facilities manager

School of Law

  • Wendy-Adele Humphrey; associate dean
  • Danielle Saavedra; assistant dean
  • Donna Williams; senior admissions counselor
Stephanie West
Stephanie West

President's Award of Excellence

Chancellor's Award of Excellence