Texas Tech University

Experts Available to Discuss National Distance Learning Week

Amanda Bowman

November 5, 2018

National Distance Learning Week is Nov. 5-9.


Nov. 5-9 marks the United States Distance Learning Association's 2018 National Distance Learning Week, which highlights the best practices within the distance learning community.

Texas Tech University's Melanie Hart, vice provost of eLearning & Academic Partnerships, a division of the Office of the Provost, and Justin Louder, associate vice provost of eLearning & Academic Partnerships, are available to discuss the strides the university's distance learning programs and initiatives have made over the past several years and what the future holds for distance learning.


Melanie Hart, vice provost of eLearning & Academic Partnerships,(806) 742-2184 or melanie.hart@ttu.edu

Justin Louder, associate vice provost of eLearning & Academic Partnerships, (806) 834-1740 or justin.louder@ttu.edu

Talking Points

  • Since the 2013-14 academic year, there has been a roughly 74 percent increase in online-only undergraduate student enrollment and a roughly 47 percent increase in online-only graduate student enrollment at Texas Tech.
  • Texas Tech has increased its total of semester credit hours offered online by 105 percent since the 2014 academic year.
  • Texas Tech continues its reputation as a leader in distance learning, with seven regional sites and more than 80 fully online degree programs.


  • “Students appreciated the flexibility of the online formats, which allow them to continue to work, spend time with their families and continue their education.” (Hart)
  • “Students are increasingly place bound, so the opportunity to attend a top-tier research institution from wherever they are makes the more than 80 online and distance education programs Texas Tech offers very attractive.” (Louder)
  • “Online learning is the way of the future. Research examining the effectiveness of quality online learning indicates that online courses result in equal or greater learning than face-to-face courses.” (Hart)
  • “Texas Tech offers more online or hybrid doctoral degrees than any other institution in Texas or in the Southwest.” (Louder)