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TPWD Addresses Concerns About Fish, Aquatic Habitat After Heavy Flooding in Central Texas

Texas Outdoors Journal

November 14, 2018

Texas Outdoors Journal - AUSTIN – As flood waters recede in the Llano, Colorado, Pedernales and other central Texas rivers, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologists are fielding questions from anglers and other members of the public concerning the impacts of flooding on fish populations.

"Recent fish tracking studies conducted by TPWD and Texas Tech University on the Colorado and Trinity Rivers showed that some species of fish seek refuge in smaller, calmer tributary streams during floods, while others move into the slower moving waters on the floodplain," said David Buckmeier, Director of the TPWD Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center. "Once the rivers settle back down, fish will often move back into the same reaches of river that they previously occupied."

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