Texas Tech University

Breakthrough sensors: Fugitive hydrocarbon detection utilising cloud based IoT Gas Activated Systems at Texas Tech University

IoT Now

October 31, 2018

IoT Now - The Petroleum Engineering Department at Texas Tech University conducted testing on the Gas Activated Systems suite of cloud-based fugitive hydrocarbon detection tools. DetectSys–a system utilising breakthrough multi-species gas quantification in a single sensor–complete with geolocation and long-range wireless communications, was exposed to methane in field-encountered conditions. The immediate output was observed via the PreventSys platform via real-time dashboards and captured in the cloud-based time-series database.

"We have demonstrated that Gas Activated Systems outperforms speed of detection of industry-standard conventional detectors," says Dr. Ekarit Panacharoensawad, assistant professor, Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering. The second part of the product validation was systematic testing of DetectSys, alternately applying precision calibration methane and propane. Panacharaoensawad added, "The Gas Activated Systems' units provided accurate %LEL readings, again beating the industry-standard handheld device by nearly 50%."

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