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Our Graduates Are Job Creators - Tech-UVC

Daily Trust

October 18, 2018

Daily Trust - Today, conventional universities are producing graduates that look for jobs and cannot stand on their own. The orientation of a conventional university is to equip people with certificates and those students have a lot of potentials, however, nobody can eat potential without being commercialized.

We have been collaborating with some foreign universities. We signed agreement with Texas Tech University, Lubbock, US. That university is one of the best. We don't want to go into collaboration with just any university because we want to raise students who end up as scholars and internationally competitive. We call the agreement we signed with them 4 +1x. If you come for a five-year programme here, you will spend your first two years here and you can now spend the third year in Texas. And then you come back to spend your remaining two years here to earn your degree. If you do that, you are automatically qualified to go for your masters in Texas.

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