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Teen Actress Finds Freedom to Pursue Her Passion Through Texas Tech

Leslie Cranford

September 26, 2018

Mohana Krishnan

(VIDEO) TTU K-12, part of Texas Tech University’s eLearning & Academic Partnerships, gives students the flexibility needed to chase their dreams while receiving a quality education.

TTU K-12, part of Texas Tech University's eLearning & Academic Partnerships, offers young students a high-quality academic experience while giving them the opportunity to follow their passions. Students who are elite athletes, musicians and actors have all found a place at TTU K-12.

Recently, Mohana Krishnan, a TTU K-12 student and actress who appears on the Nickelodeon teen series “I Am Frankie,” opened up about her day-to-day life on the set and balancing her career with her educational obligations.

"I Am Frankie" (Nickelodeon)
"I Am Frankie" (Nickelodeon)

“On a regular day on the set, the producers and directors can call us in any time they want, and they can keep us here for 10 hours, to work and to do school,” she said. “Some days I film six scenes; some days I don't film any. I'll usually get more schoolwork done the days I don't film.”

Mohana said some days she goes to hair and makeup first, which takes roughly an hour. Then, she may film for an hour or she may do school first.

“It really depends, that's why it's all over the place,” she said.

Mohana's father, Manjeri Krishnan, explained that because of strict criteria for an online school, they chose TTU K-12 for Mohana.

"I Am Frankie" (Nickelodeon)

“The program had to be 100 percent flexible, completely self-paced,” Manjeri Krishnan said. “When she films, her schedule is completely unpredictable, so we could not participate in any fixed-time classes.”

The second criterion, he said, is the program had to be recognized by the Texas Education Agency. Since Mohana attends school in Texas, her parents wanted a program that could transfer the course credits back to a traditional school.

“Mohana films for a few months out of the year, so she goes in and out of her regular school,” Manjeri Krishnan said. “So being able to transfer credits is essential.”

The last benchmark, he said, is the program had to be rigorous, because they did not want to compromise on quality.

Mohana Krishnan and family
Mohana Krishnan and her family.

“The TTU K-12 program is very competitive when compared to other online programs that are available,” Manjeri Krishnan said. “Plus, it has the advantage of being a completely flexible, self-paced program. When I was looking for a suitable online school program for our daughter, not many programs existed that offer a fully flexible schedule. TTU K-12 is one of the very few I found that offers that.”

Manjeri Krishnan would recommend TTU K-12 to other parents if they have a child who needs time freedom, specifically because of the TTU K-12 staff and course content.

“Whenever I had any questions regarding the program, or regarding my daughter in particular, the staff has been extremely helpful,” he said. “Every student is assigned a counselor, and I can always go to the counselor with concerns about Mohana. As far as the course content, I'd say it's very well-designed and user-friendly. I have not had any problems with the course content or accessing the status of grades online.”

"I Am Frankie" (Nickelodeon)

Mohana reiterated the convenience of having a curriculum that is flexible with her acting schedule.

“I really need to be able to do school whenever I can instead of having to go to classes at a school at a certain time,” she said. “TTU K-12 has really helped me to pursue my dreams of acting. My experience has been pretty good. It's been very helpful, and it's a great school.”

TTU K-12's complete portability, along with the capability for students to start anytime from anywhere, make it the preferred curriculum for students like Mohana Krishnan and other students in similar circumstances for which a traditional school setting is not an option.