Texas Tech University

Solid Ground: Basics of soil health management in pasture and rangeland

The Eagle

September 3, 2018

The Eagle - Soil health has become a frequent topic in beef cattle seminars and is recognized as the basic element of the cattle industry. Healthy soil grows abundant forage, which is the economic backbone of cattle nutrition.

David Weindorf of Texas Tech University discussed soils and their contributions to the environment at a recent Sustainable Rangeland Symposium in Lubbock. He stated that through photosynthesis, plants convert carbon from carbon dioxide (CO2) into organic matter in the form of roots, stems and leaves. Grasses, due to fibrous root systems, create a tremendous amount of soil organic matter as their root materials die and slowly degrade. Organic matter is slowly decomposed by soil microorganisms from which humic and fulvic acids are formed. These two acids are important for promotion of plant growth.

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