Texas Tech University

Holocaust survivors salute the Texas military veterans who liberated them from Nazi concentration camps

Houston Chronicle

September 6, 2018

Houston Chronicle - Birney “Chick” Havey remembers rolling up to the Dachau concentration camp in Germany in April 1945. It was near the end of World War II, just days before Germany would surrender, and he and his Army comrades had arrived in tanks to liberate the camp’s prisoners.

The exhibit is part of an extensive project curated by Texas Tech University in collaboration with the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, a group formed nearly a decade ago to help teach Texas students about state-sponsored mass killings. The project has identified more than 300 Texans who were soldiers in five military units that liberated more than 40 death camps, slave labor camps, sub-camps, work camps and POW camps. Many more have yet to be identified, project coordinators say.

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