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2018's Best & Worst Places to Raise a Family


September 4, 2018

WalletHub - Families move often and for various reasons. In fact, the average American can expect to move an estimated 11.4 times during his or her lifetime. Moving can be a sign of opportunity, such as a new job or long-term wealth accumulation. But also move because of instability such as foreclosure or job loss. The key in either case is to choose an area that’s both economically prosperous and a pleasant place to live.

Mitzi J. Ziegner, associate chairperson and director of GPIDEA Early Childhood Online program in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies was featured in this article. 

So much of everyday life is influenced by the neighborhood that a child's parent or caregiver chooses to call home. The first three years of life are full of critical developmental milestones and factors like responsiveness, security and consistent daily routines have a positive impact beginning in early childhood and far beyond. Components that can influence quality of life for families can include how safe and connected they feel in their community, how influences like traffic and commutes impact quality time and a family's ability to get their basic needs met and quality of life influenced by cost of living and availability of quality childcare and education opportunities. When children feel comfortable and happy in the environment where they live, as well as in the school or childcare program that they attend, their cognitive, social, emotional and physical development is enhanced.

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