Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University Revamps Meal Plan in Effort to Feed More Red Raiders

Randy Rosetta

August 16, 2018

Hospitality Services is set to launch a revised plan for commuter, faculty and staff.

Eating on the Texas Tech University campus has never been easier or included more diverse options than now.

With a few tweaks in place, the cost will be more manageable for commuter students as well as university faculty and staff.

Texas Tech Hospitality Services will unveil a revamped Commuter Dining Plan, which also includes faculty and staff members, starting in the fall semester.

The new plan features the ability to purchase Dining Bucks in increments of $50 up to $300 and will include a 15 percent discount at all on-campus Hospitality Services locations. The previous plans were for $259 or $359 ($99 for faculty and staff) and had an 8-10 percent discount attached.

“In the past, there have been roughly 22,000 off-campus students without a dining plan, so we think this is an opportunity to add more students with a plan with the 15 percent discount and a lot more flexibility than they have had in the past,” said Matt Ferrell, unit assistant director with Hospitality Services.

“Paying $5-6 a day for a meal or two can add up, and we think this gives our students an opportunity to save some money.”

Unused money on the Commuter Dining Plan does not expire if unused as long as students are enrolled in classes, Ferrell said.

On-campus plans

For students who live in the university's residence halls, a dining plan is required as part of the contract.

The advantage those students receive are discounts ranging from 20-50 percent at most dining locations around campus. The discounts are 20 percent at franchises (Quiznos, Einstein Bros Bagels, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks in the Honors Hall, etc.), 30 percent at retail locations (Sam's Place, kiosks, The Commons, etc.) and 50 percent at The Market at Stangel-Murdough Residence Hall (excluding the franchises).

Those meal plans come in three tiers:

  • Red & Black: $3,995 for 2,275 dining bucks for the nine-month school year
  • Matador: $3,350 for 1,810 dining bucks for the nine-month school year
  • Double T: $3,020 for 1,300 dining bucks for the nine-month school year

There also is a Scarlet Plan for students who live in West Village that costs $1,330 for 1,180 dining bucks and includes a 15 percent discount.

With the housing contract dining plans, students or their parents can adjust how much they want to spend, up or down, within the first 20 days of each semester to fit how the student is using the plan.

“All of our plans are tailored to the type of eater the student is,” Ferrell said. “Our goal is always to feed Red Raiders, and with the variety of options we have and the hours they operate, we think we have a great situation for our students.

“There is no shortage of ways to find food when you are hungry on our campus.”

One-card campus

The common thread to all the dining plans is that the money paid is all housed on the student, faculty member or staff member's Texas Tech ID card. Raider Cash is also on the ID card.

“We are completely a one-card campus,” said Joann Wright, unit manager for University Identification. “That makes it really easy to keep track of your funds.”

Added Ferrell, “We are proud of the fact that our students can get into their residence hall or lab or anything they are given access to with their ID card and it is also tied into their meal plans and Raider Cash.”

Raider Cash gives anybody with an ID a place to deposit funds for a variety of goods and services – most notably printing at the library, at the campus bookstore and the off-campus Varsity Bookstore, the two CVS Pharmacy stores closest to campus and Coca-Cola vending machines (drinks only).

The Raider Card can also be used to buy meals, but without the discounts.

Other key elements to the Raider Card and meal plans:

  • There's an app for that: Students and their parents can install a smartphone app to transact business. Search the app store for GET Mobile.
  • Money can be added online as well, and for the Raider Card, in person at the ID card office, the library and the art department.
  • There is no limit on how much money can put on the Raider Card and it rolls over and remains usable until a student is no longer enrolled at Texas Tech.
  • Students have an option to send an email to their parents requesting more money.