Texas Tech University

An Optimist's Guide to Solving Climate Change and Saving the World

Geoff Dembicki |

August 1, 2018

VICE - We asked experts what policies they would put in place to fight climate change and got some unexpected answers.

This might accelerate state-level action. In places like Texas, much of the work to make farming more drought-resistant, shift to clean energy, and otherwise adapt to a warmer planet is being done by people skeptical of the science, Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical Christian and a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, told me. Yet it's not occurring near fast enough to keep climate change from throttling the region. If deniers now governing states like Texas, Louisiana, and Florida accepted scientific reality, "it would completely change the tone of the conversation," Hayhoe argued. "You're adding a recognition of urgency... If you don't acknowledge humans are changing the climate, then you don't acknowledge that it's going to get worse."

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