Texas Tech University

Inside college football's latest facilities craze: the football-only complex

Matt Baker

August 3, 2018

TAMPA BAY TIMES - To understand the frontline of a college football arms race that's playing out in Florida and across the nation, look to the extremes.

"Literally everyone and their brother is building a football-only facility right now..." said Matt Huml, who has studied their impacts as an assistant professor of sport management at Texas Tech. "If you don't have a football-only facility, you're wanting to build one. If you do, then you're wanting to improve it."

Huml and colleagues at Texas Tech and Niagara University studied the recruiting impact of 107 Power Five facilities upgrades from 2005-15. Their findings, as published this summer in the Journal of Marketing for Higher Education: Teams get a small bump in recruiting rankings during construction that disappears before the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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