Texas Tech University

New cookbook aims to make meals easier for pregnant women and new parents

Tammy Scileppi

August 1, 2018

NY PARENTING - Okay, it’s time I came clean: When my sons were tots, I just didn’t have the time, energy, or motivation for creative meal-making, or the know-how to prepare tasty baby- and toddler-friendly chow the old-fashioned way — from scratch.

Once my baby boys were introduced to solid food, they were fed every Gerber variety I could find on the supermarket shelf, along with other mushy staples, like mashed bananas, rice cereal, etc. As toddlers, they graduated to chunkier jar choices.

Isn't that what most moms — who weren't hippies — have been giving their youngins for decades?


For her book, the author teamed up with Allison Childress, who is an assistant professor at Texas Tech University and chief clinical dietitian of the university's Nutrition and Metabolic Health Institute.

"She supplied the nutritional information for each chapter as well as some great humor from being a mom herself," says Satler, who explains that she used the "winners" from the first two years of her son's life in creating recipes. "These are the meals we make time and again and continue to eat to this day."

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