Texas Tech University

Abuse Scandals Involving Doctors Have Shaken Several Colleges. Now Others Are Making Changes

Lindsay Ellis

August 7, 2018

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION - When top officials at North Carolina State University’s student health center huddled this summer to discuss how they respond to patient complaints, headlines from around the nation were at the front of their minds.

Gathered this summer in advance of the fall football season, players at Texas Tech University heard a Title IX trainer tick off specific examples of institutional abuse, mentioning Michigan State, Ohio State, USC, and Baylor University, a conference foe whose failings felt close to home, said Judi Henry, the university's executive senior associate athletics director. In lawsuits, female students have accused Baylor of mishandling their reports of sexual assault.

Athletes learned about consent and about how to report abuse, she said. And the examples, though challenging to absorb, helped them grasp the message.

"It's real, it's ongoing," she said. "And it's happening — at this place, this place, and this place."

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