Texas Tech University

What Women on Oil Rigs Need Most: Coveralls That Fit

State of Texas and Texas Tech University

July 9, 2018

Texas Standard - “When you have to put on something that looks like overgrown men’s pajamas, and go to work and feel good about yourself? That can make for a challenging day.”

"The trickiest part is different body types. So as we all know, it's not every one pair of jeans fits the same across, you know, every different type of body."

So RPS sought out some professional help.

"We actually partnered with the best expertise in our backyard, which is at Texas Tech University with Dr. Sue, and she's the director of the Apparel, Design, and Manufacturing Department. And we brought in several of Halliburton's employees, as well as people from our community of different body types and heights. We put them in a 360 degree body camera scanning device, and they were able to get there, we scan their body, we understand what those different patterns need to be able to adjust to different body types, and then we asked and actually queried the people coming out of there, 'What would you like to see in terms of a workplace uniform, knowing what you know about your body type?'"

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