Texas Tech University

7 Fascinating Ways Your Body Benefits From Tattoos, According To Science

Lauren Schumacker

July 13, 2018

Romper - People often have opinions (with a capital O) about tattoos, whether they're in favor or against. And while there are certainly lots of personal considerations when you're thinking about getting a tattoo, like what kind of tattoo you want to get, where you want to have it done, and what part of the body you want tattooed, there are also some well-publicized drawbacks to getting a tattoo at all.

Similar to the effect that tattoos might be able to have in terms of coping with depression or anxiety, a study from Texas Tech University found that multiple tattoos might increase women's self-esteem, as Science Daily reported, but noted that researchers found that the women with multiple tattoos who had higher self-esteem also had more previous suicide attempts.

Researcher Jerome Koch told Science Daily that this might be a case of these women transforming difficult things into something empowering. Like with body positivity, it gives them the power over their own experiences.

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