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The Energy 202: The EPA won't change policy after Pruitt. But it might be more transparent about it.

Dino Grandoni

July 10, 2018

PowerPost - The Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to roll back rules issued under President Barack Obama will likely continue without its ousted leader, Scott Pruitt. One thing that may change: The way the agency talks about its deregulatory work.

A 2006 study titled "Climate, Extreme Heat, and Electricity Demand in California" in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology predicted "the frequency of extreme-heat events for major cities in heavily air-conditioned California is projected to increase rapidly" over the century.

As one of the study authors, Texas Tech University's Katharine Hayhoe, wrote on Twitter: "We studied this a long time ago...now our projections are becoming reality."

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