Texas Tech University

How to secure your home to lessen the punch of hurricane winds

Alex Stuckey

May 18, 2018

Houston Chronicle - Hurricane Harvey pummeled the Houston area last fall with blinding rain, sent water rushing into homes and over roadways and left local residents stranded for months.

"The key to plywood shutters is thickness and installation," according to NOAA's website. "Use at least 5/8 inch exterior grade plywood, it makes the shutters heavier but safer. They should be cut to fit inside the window frame, installed prior to hurricane season, marked for which window they are made for, and stored with their hardware, preferably in a dry location."

Finding the right products to reinforce your home can be harder than it sounds, but Texas Tech University's National Wind Institute has a handy guide online. Go to https://www.depts.ttu.edu/nwi/research/windprotection.php for tips and resources on protecting your family, house, business, community and school from extreme wind.

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