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Wind Engineering Expert Named Distinguished Member

Noel Pratt

May 3, 2018

ASCE News - Joseph E. Minor, Ph.D., P.E., Dist.M.ASCE, an internationally renowned expert in wind engineering and natural hazards research, has been honored by ASCE with inclusion in its 2018 class of Distinguished Members for development and adoption of windborne debris impact provisions in building codes and standards, advocating the formal engineering of residential structures, contributions to window glass design practice, and educating the next generation of civil engineers.

Minor is well known in the United States and Australia. Several of his areas of special expertise are wind-structure interaction phenomena, effects of tornadoes and hurricanes on buildings, performance of window glass and curtain wall systems, building code provisions for wind loads, the economics of wind-resistant construction, and the impact of natural hazards on socio-economic systems.

He was instrumental in formulating and implementing windborne debris impact provisions in the Florida Building Code, the International Building Code, ASTM International, and ASCE 7. In addition, Minor contributed to changes in the approach to window glass design in ASTM Standard E1300. Foremost among his accomplishments in this standard are the integration of membrane theory into glass plate analysis and definitions of weathered window glass and laminated glass strengths.

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