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Texas Tech University Promotes Summer Enrollment

David Gay, david.gay@ttu.edu

April 3, 2018

Texas Tech hopes to increase summer enrollment awareness with a new website as well as new scholarships and grants.


Texas Tech University is looking to increase summer 2018 enrollment numbers using a sustainable, long-term plan for enhanced summer curricula with online and on-campus participation.

The strategies that will be implemented immediately include a new website which will highlight summer school offerings from Texas Tech, show the benefits of summer attendance and help explain various incentive programs.

Several scholarships and grants also will be implemented through this strategy.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid are creating two new scholarships aimed at students coming to Texas Tech for the first time.

“Ready, Tech, Go!” provides incoming freshmen an opportunity to take a single summer session course at no cost. This incentive will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to all qualified students.

The two offices also are offering $1,000 scholarships to 300 transfer students. The students eligible for the scholarship must be enrolled in six or more organized summer course hours.


Academic departments around campus also will provide $1,000 scholarships to 200 senior and second-semester junior students who are enrolled in six or more organized summer course hours.

The Office of the Provost is offering Provost's Strategic Enrollment Grants, aimed at increasing enrollment and student credit hours in upper-division summer courses. They will be competitively evaluated and must be beyond the use of regular summer funding.

A summer 2018 task force was formed last fall with faculty and staff from Texas Tech, who recommended these strategies to increase summer enrollment.

Bradley Martin, assistant vice president of Financial & Business Services in Administration & Finance and chairman of the task force, said it was a collaboration of the Texas Tech Academic Council, Enrollment Management and the Administration & Finance divisions.

Martin hopes the strategies implemented for 2018 continue.

“While focusing on immediate strategies that would positively impact summer 2018 enrollment, the task force was mindful of building a foundation of success that could be modeled and replicated for future summer terms,” Martin said.

Martin said he thinks it is important for students to realize the benefits of enrolling in summer coursework through Texas Tech.

“There are financial advantages to enrolling in summer coursework, such as on-time or faster time to graduation,” Martin said. “Summer school enrollment also includes online offerings, smaller sections and no hassle of transferring credits from different institutions.”

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