Texas Tech University

Early Head Start Program Receives Federal Review Results

David Gay

March 7, 2018

Human Sciences

The program met the requirements of all standards and regulations by the Administration for Children and Families.

Texas Tech University's Early Head Start program received the results from a federal review conducted by the Administration for Children and Families, which found that the program met the requirements of all standards and regulations. The results show the program's ability to conduct effective teaching practices and well-organized learning environments that promote progress in child development and growth.

Early Head Start, an initiative of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies in the College of Human Sciences, demonstrates the ability to promote parent-child relationships in high-quality learning experiences, engage parents to encourage learning and trust and create a culturally and linguistically welcoming program for all children.

The Focus Area Two Monitoring Review of the Early Head Start program also assessed service performance and compliance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards in accordance with the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007.

Based on information gathered from the federal review, the program was found to fully engage with children with disabilities in a supportive environment. This environment for disabled children was found to welcome the support of families in taking the steps to advocate for their children's needs where outside services often are lacking.

Successful reviews indicate that grant funding and oversight of services will continue, with the provided assurance that programs like Early Head Start are working to ensure the comprehensive services are maintained for young children and their families.


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