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Texas Tech University at El Paso Sponsoring AULA's 'Porous Borders' Symposium

Amanda Bowman

March 26, 2018

This is the fourth symposium for the journal Architecture and Urbanism in Las Américas.

WHAT: Texas Tech University at El Paso is sponsoring the Architecture and Urbanism in Las Américas' (AULA) fourth symposium, “Porous Borders.”

WHEN: March 29 to April 1

WHERE: Texas Tech University at El Paso, 700 W. San Francisco Ave.

EVENT: The “Porous Borders” symposium is a call for practicing architects, artists and scholars who deal with a built environment to come together and reconsider what it means to occupy a border, to analyze borders and to overcome the notion of borders that separate us, whether this is through disciplinary boundaries or physical boundaries.

While at the symposium, architects, scholars and artists will present proposals and works on one of the four following subjects:

  • Contestation/resistance: work that emphasizes the flows and fluxes that calcify borders and ongoing efforts to resist them
  • Dissolution: work associated with the creation of spatial territories that challenge, expand, diminish and otherwise dissolve geopolitical barriers
  • Synthesis: work interested in how borders provide a pedagogical starting point for the intersection of architecture, urbanism and Latin American cultural landscapes within studio pedagogy, with particular focus on traveling studios
  • Transgression/reciprocity: work that investigates the evolving relationship between social, technical and biophysical processes that reconfigure geopolitical boundaries to support emergent phenomena

The symposium will feature several keynote speakers, including architects from the University of California at Berkeley, Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello; Elaine Molinar, architect at Snøhetta; and artist Ana Teresa Fernández.

The symposium will conclude with a walking tour of downtown El Paso, with the attendees then crossing the international bridge into Juarez, Mexico, to visit historic sites and get a deeper appreciation for porous borders.

CONTACT: Robert González, director and professor, College of Architecture, Texas Tech University El Paso, (504) 715-4222 or r.gonzalez@ttu.edu 

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