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Intel’s Advanced Webinar Series for Understanding HPC Fabrics and Intel Omni-Path Architecture


February 26, 2018

Inside HPC - This guest post explores Intel’s advanced webinar series that focuses on understanding HPC fabrics and Intel Omni-Path Architecture.

Accelerating AI with Intel Omni-Path Architecture

Intel OPA Webinar Series Part 27
Learn how Intel OPA plays a role in streamlining and reducing the time to train machine learning frameworks.

Intel Omni-Path Architecture: Advanced

Intel OPA Webinar Series Part 25
Get insights from Intel's director of high performance fabric marketing on the features in Intel OPA that will take your HPC clusters to the next level of performance. Learn how Intel OPA provides accelerated interconnectivity with a variety of CPU/GPCPU, storage or other environmental options.

Bringing Up an Intel Omni-Path Architecture-based Cluster in a University Environment

Intel OPA Webinar Series Part 20
Learn how the Texas Tech High Performance Computing Center is taking maximum advantage of Intel OPA in their newest cluster.

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