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Expert Available to Discuss Increase in Human Trafficking During Super Bowl Weekend

David Gay

February 2, 2018

Anna Claire Beasley is the president of the Students Ending Slavery student organization.


Fans from around the world will descend on Minneapolis this weekend to watch the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles face off in Super Bowl LII. But, Super Bowl weekend is also known for being one of the most popular times for human trafficking to occur.

According to an article from Reuters, police in the United States arrested at least 750 people in sex-trafficking sting operations that coincided with last year's Super Bowl. More than 100 of those arrests were in Houston, where Super Bowl LI took place.

Anna Claire Beasley, a senior electronic media and communication major from Castroville, is the president of the Students Ending Slavery student organization. Through the organization, Beasley and other members are trying to raise awareness about human trafficking locally and around the world.


Anna Claire Beasley, president, Students Ending Slavery student organization, Texas Tech University, (210) 912-9632 or annaclaire.beasley@ttu.edu

Talking Points

  • Human trafficking becomes more prominent during events like the Super Bowl. The people being trafficked will be moved where the event is being hosted to meet the demand.
  • While the attention on human trafficking might be increased because of an event like the Super Bowl, it does not mean that trafficking does not occur all the time.
  • The number of things that can relate to trafficking in the Super Bowl including who is making the game-day gear through the workers possibly not being treated or paid fairly. 


  • “I think it is important not just to know that it is occurring but demanding something be done. It is important to educate the officers who work in the area how to handle the situations and have a plan of how to handle arrests.”
  • “Think about the companies you are supporting, the hotels you are staying. Are they training any of their employees on what to do when they see trafficking? A lot of little things come down to the decisions you are making and using your purchasing power and consumer power for good.”

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