Texas Tech University

Tributes in teh Energy and Climate Debate (Part II)

Before It's News

January 11, 2018

Before It's News - Last week, I recognized twelve individuals associated with free-market, classical-liberal energy analysis and advocacy. Here is a second ‘tribute’ to those who have labored against the mainstream of Malthusianism and energy statism–and now find themselves with new opportunities for formulate, summarize, and promote pro-consumer, taxpayer-neutral energy policy.

MICHAEL GIBERSON, Ph.D economist and professor at Texas Tech University, is a keen observer of energy markets. His work on price gouging has moved the national dialogue, and he is one of the few to follow the intracacies of the electricity market. His longer blogs are at Knowledge Problem (with Lynne Kiesling); his shorter commentary is at Giberson Energy Markets. Although his analyses are not necessarily 'classical liberal' regarding electricity markets (a central planners' paradise full of 'second-best' regulation), Giberson is one of the best at understanding technical issues with energy policy.

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