Texas Tech University

Texas’ high courts hold historic joint hearing, establish mental health commission

Eric Quitugua

January 25, 2018

Texas Bar Blog - The Texas Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals held a first-ever joint hearing on January 11 and established the Judicial Commission on Mental Health.

"At these critical intervention points, courts have a unique opportunity to profoundly impact lives for better or for worse," O'Neill said.

Angel Carroll, a junior at Texas Tech University, spoke to the courts of her experiences with mental health issues and the juvenile justice system.

When she was 9, her stepfather died in Afghanistan and her mother suffered from alcohol abuse and debilitating mental health illness, she said. Carroll's struggles manifested in anxiety, depression, and an addiction to prescription pills. She was in and out of the juvenile justice system, and by the age of 15, she was placed in foster care.

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