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Texas Tech Sees Increased Enrollment for Online Classes

Amanda Bowman

January 18, 2018


An article from Inside Higher Ed shows significant growth from 2015 to 2016.

As more college students pursue non-traditional routes to earn their degrees, online courses have become even more popular. According to a recent story in Inside Higher Ed, the leading digital media company serving higher education, the number of college students enrolled in at least one online course continues to rise.

“Since 2014, the proportion of undergraduate students at Title IV-eligible institutions who are enrolled in at least one distance education course has risen from 27.1 percent to 30 percent,” noted the Inside Higher Ed article, “and the proportion of graduate students enrolled at least partially online has grown from 32.5 percent to 36.6 percent in 2016.”

Taking into account only four-year, nonprofit institutions, and based on total number of students enrolled, Texas Tech is ranked 14 out of 99 institutions in the country.

Fall 2015 online enrollment for Texas Tech was 13,848. In 2016, it rose to 16,248, an increase of 2,400, or 17 percent.

“Texas Tech is committed to offering high-quality and high-demand classes online,” said Justin Louder, associate vice provost for eLearning & Academic Partnerships. “Each semester, we are developing new classes to better serve the needs of our students.”

Texas Tech Worldwide eLearning offers more than 100 fully online degrees, certifications and certification preparation programs. Students have access to on-site instructors, technology and tools via seven regional teaching sites across the state, including El Paso, Fredericksburg, Highland Lakes, Junction, Waco, Collin County and Cleburne.

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