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Texas Tech Announces Expansion to TechAlert Emergency Communication System

Allison Matherly

December 21, 2017

MyConnect Portal opens enrollment to new members of the Texas Tech community.

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Texas Tech is expanding the TechAlert Emergency Communication System to include additional people associated with the university.

Implemented in 2007, TechAlert currently allows communication with faculty, staff and students during emergencies and has been used successfully more than 60 times.

With the expansion to include the MyConnect Portal, additional members of the campus community who are not faculty, staff and students, but have a connection to the campus, will receive emergency alerts through the system. This includes contract employees and individuals in leased spaces, among other groups across campus.

"The safety of our campus is of the utmost importance, and it is crucial that we are able to communicate with all members of the campus community," President Lawrence Schovanec said. "The expansion of TechAlert will allow us to keep more people informed with relevant, timely information during an emergency."

The MyConnect Portal is an additional offering of Blackboard Connect, the platform used to power TechAlert. The portal will allow identified community members to manage their phone and text numbers and email addresses to receive emergency alerts from Texas Tech.

"We continue to make additions to increase effective and efficient communication with the campus, and the MyConnect Portal is one more way to do that," said Ronald Phillips, emergency management coordinator. "We're excited to be able to offer this service to additional people on our campus."