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Starving White Dwarf Stars are Binge Eaters, Find Astronomers

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December 15, 2017

Global News Connect - An general group of scientists, including an astronomer from a University of Southampton, has done a poignant find about a ‘feeding habits' of white dwarf stars.

Lead author of a study, Dr Simone Scaringi, a former Southampton PhD tyro now during a University of Canterbury, New Zealand, explained further: "Similar bursts have been celebrated in accreting proton stars – that are most smaller and have captivating fields most aloft than a white dwarf – and in immature stellar objects, that are on a other end, being most incomparable and owning most weaker captivating fields.

"Our outcome closes this opening and underscores a wholeness of magnetospheric summation opposite an huge operation of stellar parameters."

The investigate also concerned Texas Tech University, USA, and Leiden University and Radboud University, in a Netherlands.

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