Texas Tech University

Scientists 'Self-Censor" Climate Change Language to Protect Funding

PJ Media

November 29, 2017

PJ Media - It's no secret that Donald Trump is less than friendly toward climate change scientists and their conclusions. As a result, research labs and institutions that specialize in studying climate change are feeling the budget pinch. In order to protect their funding, climate change scientists used to unfettered access to the government teat under the Obama administration are adopting new tactics. One such tactic is watching the words they use in grant requests.

Speaking to NPR, director of Texas Tech's Climate Science Center Katharine Hayhoe confessed, "We tend to be quite averse to notoriety and conflict, so I absolutely have seen self-censorship among my colleagues. [They'll say] 'Well, maybe I shouldn't say it that way, because whatever funding organizations or politician or agency won't appreciate it.'"

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