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UPDATE: This is what it will take to get colleges to teach financial literacy

Morning Star

September 7, 2017

Morning Star - Don't limit focus to the college diploma. Many families are engaged in a not-so-pleasant late-summer ritual: writing college tuition checks or filling out student-loan paperwork. As you send off your hard-earned money you might want to find out what your child's -- or your own -- school is doing to improve student financial knowledge

The California Community College System is creating a culture of financially literate young adults by embedding education programs (http://extranet.cccco.edu/Divisions/StudentServices/FinancialAid/FinancialAidPrograms/FinLit.aspx) at all 114 colleges in the system. They intend to reach their more than two million students.

Other schools with impressive programs include the University of Arizona, Texas Tech, George Washington University.

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