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What's the chance of a black Republican winning the presidency?

The Anniston Star

August 8, 2017

The Anniston Star - "I'm bullish on the idea that we'll have another black president. But it's not a given that the next one will be a Democrat."


That statement comes from this op-ed in The Washington Post by Theodore R. Johnson.

Johnson theorizes that we're so polarized now that GOP voters will readily vote for any GOP candidate -- black or white -- instead of voting against a black GOP candidate (and, thus, for a Democrat) merely because of race.

'At a minimum, the level of ideological polarization in American politics masks racially prejudiced voting behavior, and at a maximum, it renders it inoperable,' according to a recent study on white conservatives in the GOP's base from professors M.V. Hood of the University of Georgia and Seth McKee of Texas Tech.

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