Texas Tech University

Immigration is vital content' for local Spanish-language papers

Timothy Pratt

July 24, 2017

Columbia Journalism Review - BEFORE DONALD TRUMP was elected, Mario Guevara-an immigration reporter at El Mundo Hispanico, the Atlanta area's oldest Spanish-language print outlet-received a handful of calls each day from people dealing with immigration issues. Georgia is home to the country's seventh largest undocumented immigrant population, estimated at 375,000.

But the so-called ethnic press has always been aimed at "immigrant groups and minorities who are feeling political and financial pressure, or not feeling welcome," says Kent Wilkinson, director of the Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication at Texas Tech University. Current "heightened concerns in the community" have led Spanish-language news outlets to cover immigration even more closely, Wilkinson says.

And a closer look at English-language news can lead to a different interpretation of what constitutes advocacy.

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