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Apple to Start Producing Micro-LED Displays

Engineers Online

May 4, 2017

Engineers Online - Apple says all set to be on: the end of this year the company started in a factory in Taiwan to produce a small amount of micro-LED displays. They will be used in the new Apple watches.

The term micro-LED dates back to 2000. The micro-LED technology was invented in the year by a research group of prof. Hongxing Jiang and prof. Jingyu Lin of Texas Tech University. Shortly thereafter, the first scientific articles. In the same year asked Cree patent for 'micro-LED arrays with enhanced light extraction. American and Asian universities are still investing in micro-led research and have published their research. Currently, micro-LEDs, also known as mled, μled or iled, not mass produced, but the companies that develop the technology, boldly set it in the future may be a potential replacement of the OLED.

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