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Alumnus Earns White House Position

Kristen Barton

April 17, 2017

White House

John Botello is working as an interior designer/preservation and exhibits specialist in the Executive Office of the President/Office of Administration.

John Botello
John Botello

When John Botello was 10 years old, he became fascinated with the White House and its history. Since then, he has dedicated much of his life to researching and learning about the White House.

He dreamed of being part of the history of the White House; now, he is making his dream come true in one of the most esteemed offices in the world.

Botello is an interior designer/preservation and exhibits specialist in the Executive Office of the President/Office of Administration, working to preserve the history he loves.

"I serve to assist the complex with current interior design projects, as well as preserve and highlight the history of the White House and its executive offices," Botello said. "It has always been my dream to work here."

Before landing such an esteemed position, Botello completed internships in Washington, D.C., and worked at the White House Historical Association (WHHA). The WHHA is a nonprofit founded in 1961 that focuses on enhancing the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the Executive Mansion.

At the WHHA, Botello was the Curator of Exhibitions and Collections Manager during his three years working there. He maintained the fine art and artifacts and created temporary exhibits.

These connections helped inform him of other opportunities. Internships and networking were key to Botello getting this position.

The transition between a nonprofit and the White House has not been easy, Botello said. His new position means a fast-paced lifestyle, and there is never a dull moment. But, that means he always has a flow of fascinating projects to work on.

Before he gained valuable experience in Washington, D.C., though, Botello was a Red Raider studying interior design and architecture. He was involved in several campus organizations and gained leadership experience.

"I was blessed to have an amazing group of professors within the Department of Design who encouraged me to pursue my dreams," Botello said. "Furthermore, they provided such wisdom and taught me amazing lessons on how to succeed."

Botello said his education at Texas Tech provided the foundation he needed to pursue his master's degree in D.C. and get internships in the area.

"College is a time to absorb knowledge and obtain the tools necessary to succeed in life," he said. "While at Texas Tech, I took every opportunity presented to me, became involved on campus with professional student organizations and applied to as many internships at possible."

College students should stay focused on their goals and dreams to find success. As a strong believer in internships, Botello said students should apply for as many as possible because those opportunities opened all the doors necessary for him to succeed.

"There was always the hope to one day have an opportunity to serve, but it's hard to believe that dream has become a reality. I feel very fortunate and honored to serve within the Executive Office of the President," Botello said. "If you work hard, keep yourself professional, show kindness, remain humble, and express your passion and eagerness, you will be well equipped to succeed along your journey."

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