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Tornado Researchers Return to Southeast for VORTEX-SE, Year Two

Video by Jeff Ramazani and Allison Hirth

March 7, 2017


(VIDEO) The congressionally mandated project runs March 8 through May 8.

A team of Texas Tech researchers will spend two months in the Southeast collecting meteorological data in hopes of determining the specific conditions that produce tornadoes in that region of the country. Their efforts are part of a congressionally-mandated project called the Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment-Southeast, or VORTEX-SE. The four-member team from Texas Tech will deploy several platforms, including StickNets, weather balloons and lightning mapping array sensors.

"There's a lot of theories about what the environment does to influence the development of tornadoes, so we're going to try to make those measurements," said Chris Weiss, associate professor of Atmospheric Science. "For example, the role of terrain in the development of tornadoes. We're going to try to understand some of the types of storms that produce tornadoes out there."

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