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For Some, Sally Yates' Firing Resembles Saturday Night Massacre

Steph Solis

January 31, 2017

USA Today - Acting Attorney General Sally Yates' firing over her refusal to enforce President Trump's immigration ban made waves on social media Monday night.

Presidents and their attorneys general have clashed time and time again. Attorney General John Ashford almost resigned in 2004 after two White House officials tried to push him to approve former President George W. Bush's secret wiretapping program - all while in the hospital for pancreatitis, according to Salon.  But Yates' is the first public ouster of an attorney general since the Nixon-era. Enter the Internet drawing parallels between Yates and Richardson, two attorney generals who left their post after refusing to follow the president's orders.

"Clashes between presidents and attorney generals aren't unprecedented, but neither are they common," said Sean P. Cunningham, a history professor at Texas Tech University.

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