Texas Tech University

Should You Be Eating These Alkaline Foods for Better Health?


December 1, 2016

Shape - You might have heard the word "alkaline" thrown around in trendy health-food circles, but what does it even mean? Well, first you have to look at the American diet: It's filled with acid-forming foods such as refined grains, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed meats and dairy, and dreadful genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

While some believe an alkaline diet can swear off conditions like osteoporosis or other health problems associated with inflammation, the science to back up the supposed benefits and risks is lacking. For one, urinary pH is not believed to be associated with the foods you eat, and as Allison Childress, R.D., a nutrition sciences instructor at Texas Tech University, told SHAPE, "your diet does not affect your blood pH at all."

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