Texas Tech University

Lubbock’s bounty of free museums lure visitors for an educational getaway

My San Antonio

December 5, 2016

My San Antonio - When summer ends, I always want to join the kids going back to school. This September, I finally did — after discovering how to get a free education in Lubbock. No worries about tuition, tests and picking a major. I simply spent three days hitting Texas Tech University’s bounty of free museums and outdoor historical centers.

On the main campus, the Museum of Texas Tech's five million or so objects span locally excavated dinosaur bones to cowboy art to hats. Scholars come from around the world to see the university's diverse, unique collections.
Rooms of Western art hold powerful sculptures of buffalo and charging horses and paintings such as "The Hewer of Wood and the Hauler of Water," Harvey Thomas Dunn's 1945 visual ode to the region's work ethic. Also celebrated are illustrations that brought action and romance to serialized novels and magazines, such as William Henry Dethlef Koerner's 1920 scene, "Shotgun and the Law."

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