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Hollywood Star's Storied Career Started At Texas Tech

Allison Hirth and Jeff Ramazani

December 22, 2016

Barry Corbin

(VIDEO) Barry Corbin, who has appeared in countless movies and television shows, studied theater at Texas Technological College in the early 1960s.

Before Barry Corbin became a well-known name to many moviegoers, he was a student at Texas Tech. His acting career has spanned decades and includes roles in familiar films such as "Any Which Way You Can," "Urban Cowboy" and "WarGames." He also has appeared in several television series like "Modern Family, "Anger Management" and "Northern Exposure."

During a recent trip to Lubbock to speak at an on-campus event, Corbin talked about his time as a Red Raider and how it shaped his film and television career.

“I learned everything I know, pretty much, right here,” Corbin said. “For better or worse, it's my home.”

Cook and Corbin in a cart
Texas Tech's Chris Cook invited Corbin to join him for the latest installment of KTTZ's web series "Communicators in a Cart."  
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