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National Wind Institute, Western Texas College to Sign 2-plus-2 Agreement

George Watson

November 7, 2016


The agreement will help students from Western Texas earn a bachelor’s degree in wind energy at Texas Tech.

WHAT: Texas Tech University National Wind Institute, Western Texas College to sign 2-plus-2 partnership

WHEN: 1-2 p.m. Thursday (Nov. 10)

WHERE: West Hall Conference Room

EVENT: Texas Tech University's National Wind Institute (NWI), one of the nation's leading research entities on wind and its effects on human life, will sign an agreement with Western Texas College in Snyder that will allow students to transfer coursework from an associate of arts in general studies-science degree from WTC and apply it toward a Bachelor of science in wind energy degree at Texas Tech.

The agreement, one of several between the two institutions, is an effort to attain the goals set out by the State of Texas and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's recent report calling for an increase in the number of Texas residents earning a bachelor's degree.

Andy Swift, the associate director of education for the NWI, and Chris Pattison, assistant director of wind education and professor of wind energy at the NWI, will be among the Texas Tech representatives attending the event. Barbara Beebe, president of Western Texas College, and Stephanie Ducheneaux, dean of instructional affairs at Western Texas College, are expected to attend.

CONTACT: Andy Swift, associate director of education, National Wind Institute, Texas Tech University, (806) 834-1990 or andy.swift@ttu.edu

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