Texas Tech University

New certificate program for beef veterinarians

Bovine Veterinarian

September 9, 2016

Bovine Veterinarian - EVP, long a premier credential for elite swine practitioners, will soon be available for beef veterinarians. The inaugural “EVP in Beef Health Management” unites the expertise of the University of Illinois in post-graduate education with the expertise at Kansas State University in beef cattle production and health management.

Thomson will be a featured speaker in EVP Beef, along with Mike Apley and Chris Reinhardt, also with Kansas State; Guy Loneragan, of Texas Tech University; and Tom Noffsinger, an independent feedlot consultant with over 32 years in beef cattle practice. Among the topics to be covered are "Improving Outcomes Through Clinical Reasoning," "Human Impacts on Disease Occurrence and Detection," and "Understanding Our Customers and the Food Supply Chain of the 21st Century."

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