Texas Tech University

Legacy fundraisers: is your job title letting you down?

Charity Choice

September 14, 2016

Charity Choice - Trends in the legacy marketplace currently look positive. In their recent analysis of the market, Smee and Ford found that 37,261 generous people left legacies in 2015, donating an amazing £2.3bn to non-profits. This is the highest number of charitable estates ever recorded by the data analysis firm.

In his recent paper, Testing the Effectiveness of Fundraiser Job Titles in Charitable Bequest and Complex Gift Planning, Russell James, professor of personal financial planning at Texas Tech University, examines which titles are more effective in different giving situations.

In the study, James sets up four different giving scenarios and asks respondents who at the charity they were most likely to contact in each scenario, giving them various job titles to consider. In total, he tested 63 different job titles.

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