Texas Tech University

How Fiber Quality Became So Valuable

Cotton Grower

September 14, 2016

Cotton Grower - American cotton farmers have been extremely fortunate with respect to the advancements made in fiber quality they’ve enjoyed in recent years. Seed companies have placed an added emphasis on producing varieties that not only yield well, but also demonstrate superior strength, length and staple.

And these improvements have come at a time when fiber quality was becoming notably more valuable to the world market. That was no accident. As Dean Etheridge, from the Fiber and Biopolymer Institute of Texas Tech pointed out, the rise of fiber quality that saved demand for U.S. cotton was the result of fundamental shifts in the global textile industry.

"Fiber quality has taken on a profile that it's never had before," Etheridge says, explaining that cotton has two different demand points – the consumer and the manufacturer. The latter has played a major role in the rise of fiber quality.

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