Texas Tech University

Rosé rules as summer closes and blush wines bloom in USA

USA Today

September 7, 2016

USA Today - America is looking at the world through rosé-colored glasses — and liking it quite a lot. Summer 2016 is winding down and we know this for sure: Wine-lovers are not ready to give up their rosé. They are unblushing in their love of blush wines, pouring more of the "pink," topping off on "brosé," guzzling gallons of "Hamptons Gatorade."

What accounts for the rush for rosé? Tim Dodd, director of the Texas Wine Marketing Research Institute at Texas Tech University (Yellow City Cellars' Dead Flowers Rosé is popular outside the Lone Star State), says U.S. wine consumers have become more sophisticated and adventurous in their choices of both food and wine.

"Certainly Asian food, lighter salads, chicken, seafood — rosé is very complimentary to those types of food and so I think people are going for that type of food and hence the wine that goes with in," Dodd says.

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